Teleste Passenger counting

Passenger counting solution monitors the number of people entering and exiting a train. Equipped with artificial intelligence, solution identifies people within the field of action, through tracking algorithms. The solution is equipped with a configuration software accessible through a web browser. Thanks to the easy-to-use user interface, it is possible to configure the device parameters and access to the main information of the device.

Key benefits

Artificial Intelligence

System uses AI algorithms to count the people in entering and exiting the train.

Easy installation and configuration

Thanks to the small size of the device, it’s easy to instal. The solution is simple to configurate through a web browser.

Intelligent accuracy

With extremely high statistical accuracy of 98%, thanks to the use of AI algorithms, it is possible to distinguish people from objects in the area.

Standard protocol

Passenger counting solution is fully compatible with the most popular communication protocols and can be coupled with other passenger counting system.

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