Teleste Values

With a solid industry experience and a drive for continous learning, we engineer infrastucture that makes the world a better place. In everything we do, our common values guide us.

Customer centricity

We are proud of our dedication to our customers and find working with them very inspiring. Customer satisfaction is the basis of our existence.


We treat each other, our customers and suppliers with openness, respect and fairness. A relaxed and open atmosphere contributes to everyone’s well-being.


We rely on our colleagues and our customers can rely on us. Trusting and being trusted welds our team together.

Result orientation

We develop creative solutions from ideas to reality. Profitability keeps the company strong and will allow us to continue doing great things for years to come.

In the spotlight

Unleashing the Power of Culture

In spring 2023, our new culture vision was released. Discover how we embarked on the journey to unleash the power of our culture and on which elements the vision is built!