Public Safety and Mobility business delivers comprehensive modular video security and information solutions to public transport operators, train manufacturers and the public sector. We have established a strong position among our customers through our innovative offering, high quality, and delivery reliability.  Additionally, the company’s solid financial standing and reputation are important factors for customers in their choice of partners.

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Our passionate professionals make your journey easier and safer.

Public Safety and Mobility strategy targets

Public transport operators and other authorities must ensure smooth operation of services and infrastructure as well as the safety of people. Our intelligent public transport information systems, as well as video surveillance and situational awareness solutions are designed to help our customers achieve the target. We aim to become market leader for public transport information and security solutions and build solid position with selected public authorities’ security solutions.

Customers and market position

Our main customer segments include public transport operators, rolling stock manufacturers and the public sector. We have a strong market position among leading train manufacturers and public transport operators as well as in demanding video security projects. Our main market areas are in Europe and North America.

Impact on the world

Rapid urbanisation and the need to ensure people’s safety in public places, ecological thinking, green mobility as well as the increasing popularity of smart digital systems provide a foundation for our business. Our impact on the world is created through the combination of the global megatrends, our skills and offering.

Our solutions help improve your safety on public places and guide your use of public transport.

Solutions for public safety and mobility

0ur product portfolio covers a broad range of passenger information solutions, video security systems and situational awareness systems. Our solutions are often joined together with other operational systems, such as traffic control, alarm, and crisis management systems. Our comprehensive
system knowhow, in-house software, and hardware engineering capability, as well as partnership approach in collaboration are being appreciated by our customers.